Brayan Ferreira

, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

The question whether a symplectic manifold embeds into another is central in symplectic topology. Since Gromov nonsqueezing theorem, it is known that this is a different problem from volume preserving embedding. There are several nice results about symplectic embeddings between open subsets of $\mathbb R^{2n}$ showing that even for those examples the question can be completely nontrivial. The problem is substantially more well understood when the manifolds are toric domains and have dimension $4$, mostly because of obstructions coming from embedded contact homology (ECH). In this talk we are going to discuss symplectic embedding problems in which the target manifold is the disk cotangent bundle of a two-dimensional sphere, i.e., the set consisting of the covectors with norm less than $1$ over a Riemannian sphere. We shall talk about some tools such as ECH capacities and action angle coordinates. Much of this talk is based on joint works with Vinicius Ramos and Alejandro Vicente.