Jonny Evans

Jonny Evans, University of Lancaster
Symplectic cohomology of compound Du Val singularities

(Joint with Y. Lekili) If someone gives you a variety with a singular point, you can try and get some understanding of what the singularity looks like by taking its “link”, that is you take the boundary of a neighbourhood of the singular point. For example, the link of the complex plane curve with a cusp $y^2 = x^3$ is a trefoil knot in the 3-sphere. I want to talk about the links of a class of 3-fold singularities which come up in Mori theory: the compound Du Val (cDV) singularities. These links are 5-dimensional manifolds. It turns out that many cDV singularities have the same 5-manifold as their link, and to tell them apart you need to keep track of some extra structure (a contact structure). We use symplectic cohomology to distinguish the contact structures on many of these links.

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