Europe/Lisbon — Online

Pranav Chakravarthy

Pranav Chakravarthy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Homotopy type of equivariant symplectomorphisms of rational ruled surfaces

In this talk, we present results on the homotopy type of the group of equivariant symplectomorphisms of $S^2 \times S^2$ and $CP^2$ blown up once, under the presence of Hamiltonian group actions of either $S^1$ or finite cyclic groups. For Hamiltonian circle actions, we prove that the centralizers are homotopy equivalent to either a torus or to the homotopy pushout of two tori depending on whether the circle action extends to a single toric action or to exactly two non-equivalent toric actions. We can show that the same holds for the centralizers of most finite cyclic groups in the Hamiltonian group. Our results rely on J-holomorphic techniques, on Delzant's classification of toric actions, on Karshon's classification of Hamiltonian circle actions on 4-manifolds, and on the Chen-Wilczynski smooth classification of $\mathbb Z_n$-actions on Hirzebruch surfaces.


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