Mario Garcia-Fernandez

Mario Garcia-Fernandez, ICMAT and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Gauge theory for string algebroids

In this talk I will overview recent joint work with Roberto Rubio and Carl Tipler in arXiv:2004.11399. We introduce a moment map picture for string algebroids, a special class of holomorphic Courant algebroids introduced in arXiv:1807.10329. An interesting feature of our construction is that the Hamiltonian gauge action is described by means of Morita equivalences, as suggested by higher gauge theory. The zero locus of the moment map is given by the solutions of the Calabi system, a coupled system of equations which provides a unifying framework for the classical Calabi problem and the Hull-Strominger system. Our main results are concerned with the geometry of the moduli space of solutions. Assuming a technical condition, we prove that the moduli space carries a pseudo-Kähler metric with Kähler potential given by the dilaton functional, a topological formula for the metric, and an infinitesimal Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau type theorem. Finally, we relate our topological formula to a physical prediction for the gravitino mass in order to obtain a new conjectural obstruction for the Hull-Strominger system.

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